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Non Surgical FaceLift

The Silhouette Dermalift Non-surgical facelift is like a personal trainer for your skin. Over time our muscles lose their tone and this contributes to common signs of ageing, such as; lines, wrinkles, loose contours and sagging.


A course of Dermalift treatments will target and re-educate the muscles that are responsible for those dreaded crows feet, frown lines, lip wrinkles and even sagging jowls. Without a gym membership! 


This results-driven treatment isn’t just limited to your muscles. Collagen production is stimulated, the skin's absorption of active product ingredients is maximised and circulation is enhanced. This means your skin will be brighter, healthier and plumped. Plus, excess fluid will be reduced, great for targeting puffy eyes and dark circles!

Treatment Menu

Microface Non-surgical
Face Lift 

60mins - £55

A complete workout for the face focuses on creating a lift in the contours of the face by firming and toning the key facial muscles. Results: will reduce wrinkles & even out fine lines.

Luxury Microface Non-Surgical Face Lift 
90mins - £80

A complete work out for the face, focuses on lifting the contours of the face by firming and toning the key facial muscles. Includes AHA, ADLA and Dermafusion mask infusion. Results: Will reduce wrinkles, even out lines and leave skin revitalised & rejuvenated.

Microface Non-Surgical Eye Lift
30 mins - £30

The Dermalift eye lift focuses on the eye & brow to lift and firm the key facial muscles. Includes eye pads, micro-collagen and Vitamin C. Results: Restore tone, reduce fine lines around the eye area.

   Jowl Sculpt     
30 mins - £30

This treatment is specifically designed to target untoned muscles around the jawline. Results: Will leave jaw lifted, firm & redefine the contours of the face.


30mins - £27

+ Intensify your treatment further with Dermafusion...

Bespoke Intensive mask therapy with  professional skincare ampoules containing highly concentrated, biological active ingredients to further penetrate the skin. Offering Extraordinary results for all skin concerns. 


Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Activation

15mins - £12

+ Intensify your treatment further with A.D.L.A...

A.D.L.A. treatment provides advanced lymphatic drainage enhancing the results of all our Dermalift treatments. Perfect for treating those of you who suffer from surplus water retention, dark circles under the eyes, soft loose skin along the jaw line and chin, congested skin and much more.

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